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AI to make learning better

Supercharging human capital,
one conversation at a time.

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Meet KNO

Our friendly AI-powered learning coach, that is ready to answer your questions.


Talk to KNO, anytime

KNO can look up immediate solutions or point you to foundational learning materials. Once you show interest, KNO delivers knowledge in small conversations that suit your time, pace and personality.


Use what you learn

Guess what's better than learning a new topic? Revisions at a later time. KNO nudges you to revise by taking short quizzes, introduces next topics, and ultimately is yours to look up whenever you need to again.


Ask more, when you need

More and more we learn by asking our colleagues, network and professional communities. KNO integrates with expert groups within your company, to share tribal knowledge your team knows best.

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Learning in the flow of work 

Our manifesto is to augment workforce intelligence. Alltius programs make workplace learning fast, and relevant for your businesses. We customize learning by delivering expertly created content via an interactive and adaptive AI-powered learning assistant.

Ultimately Alltius helps organizations facilitate learning at the employees’ pace, enhancing adoption, engagement & retention.

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Learning accessible to all

Personal and adaptive learning


Ask and KNO shall recommend topics. KNO talks with you, automatically adjusting difficulty based on your profile and capabilities.

Community expertise at fingertips

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We often learn more from our colleagues than from books. KNO helps connect to the hive mind in solving your problems.

Industry vetted content


KNO brings courses from professors and industry veterans alike.  Top notch learning materials and real-world projects help you build street credibility.

360° learning and feedback

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We learn from your as much as you learn from us. KNO has advanced AI capabilities to answer your questions or point you to the correct ones.

Ready when you are


Life happens, but our learning coach is accessible 24/7. You can take a 45 min module or 10. KNO will pick from where you left. Learn at your own pace.

Company content access


KNO integrates seamlessly to your intranet. You can pick between learning fundamentals or checking out how your team does it. Or both!

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Stellar impact, continuous outcomes


courses completed, learning applied


high impact industry-leading courses


delightful daily conversations


improvement in learner satisfaction

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Again, why Alltius?

Any workplace learning requires upfront time commitment and courses often are not relevant to productivity in your role.

Alltius courses are designed to be learned when you need them and need to apply to your problem at hand or learn to update/upgrade your role in your org. The best part is that once you complete a course, it's in your library forever.

How will you offer these courses?

Our 'courses' are really topics with a string of concepts you learn (and apply!) over time. The concepts are offered via Teams or Slack in an interactive format where KNO, our friendly coach delivers the learning materials, quizzes and projects.

I want to know more about the courses.

We're starting out with the following tutorials.

  • Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Inside sales

  • Effective communications for remote teams

  • Decentralized finance

Contact us to add KNO to your company Teams or Slack and check them out. Courses are complimentary when you sign up for our Beta Program.

How can I add my team specific content?

The Alltius platform integrates with leading LMS platforms like SAP Successfactors, Oracle and Canvas. Additionally Alltius can connect with content providers like LinkedIn learning and Udemy for Business. Finally the platform allows saerching and indexing of company knowledge bases like Confluence, Github and Sharepoint. Inquire about the enterprise plan that allows all your organization specific content to be available via KNO.

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Get in Touch

We're located in sunny southern California - no surprise that KNO has some serious easy vibes.

500 Main Street, Irvine, CA 96200


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